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Due to numerous factors we will not be able to offer a Spring 2019 Continuing Education Program as we have over the past twenty years. We appreciate your support in the past and again in the future once we plan our next program. Look for our 2019 Fall CE program and possibly something during the summer.

Thank you for your understanding.

Pharmacists Society of Orange County

Independent Pharmacy Owners
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On Tuesday, March 5, 2019, PSOC independent pharmacy owners Samir Shah, Al Squitieri and Mark Freitas attended the pharmacists rally in Albany to stop PBMs from Destroying Neighborhood Pharmacies.

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This letter is in response to the recent closing of the Montgomery Village Pharmacy. I am a member of The Pharmacists Society of Orange County and owner of a local independent pharmacy. The independent pharmacies across the county are not competitors, in a way, we are a family looking to help each other and our communities. So, when a local pharmacy closes, we as a family all hurt. We understand the impact on the community and try to help each other where we can. So why did the pharmacy close? Over the last 2-3 years, independent pharmacies have been struggling to stay in business. You might have recently heard about PBMs (Pharmacy Benefits Manager) otherwise known as the “Middleman”. The sole responsibility of the PBM is to negotiate for insurance plans to keep costs down, unfortunately they used this knowledge and power for their own profit and gain. Which leads us to the question we need to answer first: Why are drug prices going up? The ...

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Come to Albany on March 5th to advocate for your profession! Meet with your legislators to support PSSNY's 2019 Legislative Agenda and the future of your profession! Legislator meetings will specifically focus on:

License and Regulate PBMs Eliminate Spread Pricing in Medicaid Managed Care Fee for Service Reimbursement in Medicaid Managed Care Join the FixRx-PSSNY Rally Against Middlemen

Fighting Together to Fix NY's Broken Rx Drug Distribution System


Online registration is available until: 2/22/2019

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FIXRX is a campaign to improve the quality of health care, save taxpayers money and restore equity to the distribution of prescription drugs.

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